The central idea of
my concentration is to portray the positive and negative effects that colors
have on the emotions and personalities of people. To show this effect, I
created black and white photographs with a single color remaining. The single
color is the impacting factor on the content of the image. The photos progress
from a direct representational aspect of the effects to a form that evokes the
feeling of the emotions to the viewer.

mini 1.jpg
mini 2 .jpg
mini 3.jpg
mini 4.jpg
mini 5.jpg
mini 6.jpg
mini 7.jpg
mini 8.jpg
mini 9.jpg
mini 10 .jpg
mini 11.jpg
mini 12.jpg

Colors have
influencing factors upon the subconscious of one’s mind, affecting theirpersonality traits as well as their emotions. Colors such as yellow and orangehave warming and energetic affects that can make one feel happy, while colors such as pink and purple can evoke feelings of love and inspiration. However, colors have a flip side; every color contains both a positive effect and a negative one. Red for example can reflect passion as a positive side but canalso represent rage and frustration as a negative (6). By using black and white images as a base to all of the photos, the positive and negative aspect isemphasized. My photos begin with having a direct representation of the color and its meaning to really representing the effect of the colors on the subjects’ emotions.


nikki 23.jpg
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